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沉香,又名沉水香,是极为珍贵的植物香料,被誉为“ site web 木中钻石”。沉香结香难得,上好的沉香,历经百年才得以形成,自古就有“ 一两沉香,一两金”的说法。





Agarwood, the ”Wood of the Gods”, has been highly coveted for thousands of years. The trees take decades to mature and high grade Agarwood takes hundreds of years to form.

Agarwood has a rich history of medicinal use in many cultures. Since 3000 years ago, it has been applied as Anesthetic to ease and to numb away all type of pain. The all-natural unique Essence is in a position to calm one’s active mind effectively for that reason bringing inner peace to those that are searching for spiritual and healing.

Agarwood has been a highly valued commodity and its heady scents have historical connections stretching across Buddhism, Taoism and Christianity.

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Customer Reviews:

  1. Understand more about agarwood, willing to visit again and try something new. 乐结缘!

  2. 沉香线香很好,用了之后睡眠好很多。不仅我自己睡得好了,我家狗也睡的好了